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Name Of Bank:  Bank Of China

Bank CEO: Zhikun Qiu

Who owns the bank? BOCJHB is a branch of Bank of China Limited

Core business: Bank of China mainly operates the commercial banking business including corporate banking, personal banking and financial market business. It also conducts businesses such as investment banking, insurance services, fund management services, direct investment and investment management, and aircraft leasing via its subsidiary, subordinate and associate companies. In South Africa, Bank of China Johannesburg Branch can provide business services in all categories which commercial banks offer, including corporate banking, personal banking and financial market services.

Target market: With commercial banking business as the core and foundation of Bank of China’s development, the client base of BOCJHB consists of customers from industries such as mining, financial institutions, importing and exporting, media, manufacturing, property development, infrastructure, energy, and so forth. Through providing financial and credit services with good competitiveness to clients from local enterprises, Chinese “going global” enterprises, financial institutions and overseas Chinese people, Johannesburg Branch has been playing a vigorous and proactive role in the economic development and financial exchanges between China and African countries.

Core values or differentiators: Established in 1912, Bank of China has upheld the spirit
of “pursuing excellence” throughout its century-long history. By enhancing the values
of integrity, performance, responsibility, innovation and harmony, the Bank has built up an excellent brand image which is widely recognised within the industry and by its customers. Since its establishment in 2000, Bank of China Johannesburg Branch, as the first bank from mainland China in South Africa, has consistently dedicated itself to enhancing the influence of BOC in Africa. Based in South Africa with business expansion to more than 20 African countries, BOCJHB has witnessed and participated into the rapid development of the economic and trade exchanges between China and South Africa, as well as China and other African countries. It is continuously providing financial services of high quality and efficiency to clients, and also making significant contribution to the South African local social and economic development.
Any newsworthy changes in the bank’s structure or business in the near future: BOCJHB was authorised by Bank of China to act as regional headquarter in sub-Saharan Africa, which covers the Bank’s existing affiliated institutions in South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Angola, Ghana and Uganda. Other institutions in countries such as Nigeria, Cameron and Mauritius. BOC Durban Branch will
come into operation in the near future.

s there a key product or initiative you wish to highlight? Due to the continuous economic growth of China, the huge scale of international trade and the relative stability of Renminbi* (RMB, the official currency of People’s Republic of China) value, RMB is increasingly accepted across the world, offering a new choice for national governments and enterprises in risk mitigation. Bank of China seizes the historic opportunity to vigorously promote its cross-border RMB business and ranked first in the market in terms of cross-border RMB settlement volume and number of accounts opened.
Bank of China Johannesburg Branch is the leader in providing RMB services in South Africa and other African countries. RMB services consist of all financial products and services of a commercial bank.

International links: As the most internationalised and diversified bank in China, Bank of China provides full range of financial services in China’s mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other 36 countries. The Bank leverages its overall advantages to improve its global service capabilities for customers and accelerates the deployment of its overseas networks by establishing outlets, representative offices and “China Desks” and so forth, to extend the overseas networks and enhance its global service capability.

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