Publication Date: 15/03/2016


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Aflatoun Day (Thursday, 17 March) is the culmination of Global Money Week which commenced on Sunday, 14 – Monday, 21 March 2016.  Aflatoun is part of Child and Youth Finance International and helps children learn about their rights, saving, basic financial concepts, and how start enterprises which can empower them to make a positive change in their lives and communities, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty. In 2015 the programme reached 10 million children in 120 countries and the curriculum has been translated into over 30 languages and contextualized for over 60 countries.

The Banking Association South Africa, through StarSaver, will be celebrating Aflatoun Day 2016, by hosting a closed session with 3rd year university students to talk on Managing Your Debt and Staying Out of Debt, discussing Old Mutual’s Money Varsity App and the “Big 5 of Financial Wellness”.

AFLATOUN Highlights to date:


  • Reached approximately 2,362,340 children and youth through its Financial Literacy and Training Programmes and targets the age range of 3 to 18
  • Approximately 13889 young people are involved in financial/social enterprise
  • Their methodology includes publicly available educational curriculums, learning materials, teaching training guides, curriculum development tools, activity books, games, online games, online teaching resources and teacher learner facilitation guides.


  • Curriculum on Social and Financial Education for Early Childhood (3-7 years), one of the few comprehensive materials existing for this young age group and involves parents in an intense way which is instrumental for the achievement of the learning outcomes
  • An excellent example of an integrated curriculum incorporating the 3 components of Economic Citizenship Education – Financial Education, Social and Life skills Education and Livelihoods Education
  • Methodology non-formal education and participant-centred learning.


  • Offers a strong model of financial and social education for ages 14-18.
  • Curriculum is using non-formal education methodology which puts the participants in the centre and in control of their learning process. The material is adapted for youth in different regions, translated into over 30 languages, contextualized for over 60 countries
  • Aflateen Digital, an e-learning platform, builds up on young people’s natural interest in digital media and uses the power of playing and sharing to deliver financial and social skills.

Over 180 programme partners, 100 countries, 30 supporting organisations, 20 staff, 12 board members. All with 1 Cause. Social and Financial Education for Children and Youth.