Publication Date: 15/12/2015

Over the holidays, many people travel to spend time with their friends and family. When traveling, you want to make sure your cash, credit cards and debit cards are safe from would-be thieves. Identity theft and pickpocketing is on the rise. Don’t allow yourself to become the next victim of these heinous acts. Here are a couple cash safety tips you can implement for the upcoming holiday season.

Alert Your Credit Card Company and Bank That You’re Traveling – Whenever going away from your hometown, you want to let them know. This prevents your bank from freezing your cards and leaving you stranded with no way to pay for goods or services. Give the institution an idea where you will be so they can notate your account properly.

Make Your Wallet a Smart Wallet – You don’t need to carry every single credit or bank card you own in your wallet. The same applies to your cash. If a pickpocket were to get hold of your wallet, it could spell disaster for you. Carry one card when out shopping. Leave a secondary card in a safe place at the hotel or relative’s home. When you aren’t driving, consider leaving your license with that secondary card. This way, you always have a backup available.

Keep Some Cash Secure – Keep a small amount of cash in a few different places. Whether it be in your shoe, the hotel safe, your vehicle, your suitcase or wherever else you can think of, you don’t want all your money in the same location. This ensures you are never left with no cash in the event of a theft.

Be Vigilant but Enjoy Your Holidays – Holidays are supposed to be fun. They are a time to enjoy spending quality time with friends and family members. Don’t allow a would-be thief try to take advantage of you, ensure you are always alert because theft can happen in a second.

Following the tips above will go a long way in making it through the holiday season with a minimal amount of stress and hassle.