Publication Date: 24/02/2016


Budget Speech Check

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Pravin Gordhan

Minister of Finance


24 February 2016

ISBN: 978-0-621-44246-5
RP: 17/2016
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I have the honour to present the 2016 Budget of President Zuma’s second administration.

We do so in a spirit of frankness, both about our challenges and the opportunity to turn our economy’s direction towards hope, confidence and a better future for all.

Low growth, high unemployment, extreme inequality and hurtful fractures in our society – these are unacceptable to all of us.

I have a simple message.  We are strong enough, resilient enough and creative enough to manage and overcome our economic challenges.

All of us want jobs, thriving businesses, engaged professionals, narrowing inequality, fewer in poverty.

All of us want a new values paradigm, a society at peace with itself, a nation energised by the task of building stronger foundations for our future society and economy.

We want our government to function effectively, our people to work in dignity, with resources for their families, decent homes and opportunities for their children.

We want to see progress throughout our land, in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, construction, tourism, science and research, sport and leisure, trade and commerce.

It is within our grasp to achieve this future.

It requires bold and constructive leadership in all sectors, a shared vision, a common purpose, and the will to find common ground. Above all we need action, not just words.

Let us unite as a team, sharing our skills and resources, building social solidarity, defending the institutions of our democracy and developing our economy inclusively.

We do have a plan, to:

*Manage our finances in a prudent and sustainable way,
*Re-ignite confidence and mobilise the resources of all social partners,
*Collectively invest more in infrastructure to increase potential growth,
*Give hope to our youth through training and economic opportunities,
*Protect South Africans from the effects of the drought,
*Continuously improve our education and health systems,
*Accelerate transformation towards an inclusive economy and participation by all,
*Strengthen social solidarity and extend our social safety net.

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