Publication Date: 18/12/2017

The successful conclusion of the 2017 ANC Elective Conference over the coming days is the single most pressing national priority South Africa currently faces.

Not only is there an urgent need to resolve issues of leadership, but this conference must also produce a tangible and clear policy result so as to properly address the dire need for policy certainty. Only with the combination of both will we be in a position to navigate a path back to growth and employment creation, and meaningfully and sustainably lift the majority of South Africans out of poverty.

The onus is on the ruling party to once and for all do what is expected from it – not just to lead, but to show true leadership. Its own public statements that a leadership result will be announced on Sunday morning goes a long way to allaying fears. It is a time for words to be followed by decisive actions. No longer can internal political precedence and personal gain be prioritised over the national interest.

It the fervent hope of all South Africans that the ANC Elective Conference be successfully concluded over the coming days. Our country can then turn its attention to meeting the real questions facing us – ending crime and corruption, and increasing confidence in the economy.