Financial Literacy

Finance has been an integral part of human society, in one way or another, since the dawn of civilisation. It is a cornerstone of prosperity and security that builds confidence and knowledge in the lives of individuals and the country as a whole. Financial Literacy is the core platform for Financial Inclusion and the basis for equitable and sustainable socio-economic development. The Banking Association South Africa recognises this importance and has made Financial Literacy a priority.

Together with key partners, The Banking Association aims to improve Financial Literacy to promote the skills, knowledge attitudes and behaviours required to be financially independent. The Banking Association envisions a future where each person’s informed financial decisions help shape the country’s economy into the powerhouse it has the potential to be.

Our Financial Literacy Initiatives

StarSaver™ (formerly Teach Children to Save South Africa™) is The Banking Association's flagship generic financial literacy programme through which the banking industry and the broader financial sector collaboratively teach children to save while encouraging volunteerism. Volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals deliver a 67 minutes savings lesson (aligned to 67 minutes of Mandela Day) to inspire learners to be lifelong savers. The aim of the programme is to inculcate a culture of saving in children.

Motto: “Ligotshwa Limanzi” – a Zulu idiom meaning a stick is best shaped whilst moist.

The integration of StarSaver™ with other financial literacy and employee volunteerism programmes ensures that the savings message and basic financial literacy is promoted throughout the year.

JSE National Financial Literacy Day

The Banking Association supports the JSE National Financial Literacy Day, a Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) initiative that aims to de-mystify the stock market and help develop confidence in future investors by educating the youth about how the JSE functions.

Teacher Development

The Banking Association South Africa supports a Gauteng Department of Education pilot Teacher Development programme that aims to re-orientate teachers within the Economic Management Sciences (EMS) field.


The Banking Association supports a banking safety education initiative, delivered by the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) through the StarSaver™ platform. The initiative aims to spread information through communities to help the banked and unbanked avoid becoming victims of banking crimes.

It is through financial education and information that The Banking Association believes the road to a financially secure future is paved. Through support of various Financial Literacy Initiatives, The Banking Association aims to make that future a reality, today.

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