StarSaver™ is a national generic financial literacy programme that aims to establish a culture of saving in children and to foster volunteerism in the banking industry and broader financial sector. The Banking Association South Africa are custodians and administrators of StarSaver™, but the programme belongs to all stakeholders.

Since inception in 2008, StarSaver™ has reached almost 1 million learners, and many more through programme integration, in over 3000 schools nationwide. 19 banks and 43 financial institutions participate in the StarSaver™ programme aligned to Mandela Day, where volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals become “teachers-for-67minutes”.

StarSaver™ is an advocate of Mandela Day, is Proudly South African accredited, is endorsed by the SADC Banking Association and aligns with the ethos of ubuntu, volunteerism, dignity and nation-building.

The 3 basic tenets of StarSaver™

  1. Spirit of Ubuntu and Volunteerism;
  2. “Proudly South African” ethos and
  3. Nation-building

Financial literacy is the core platform for financial inclusion, however to have a holistic intervention, StarSaver™ integrates with social inclusion initiatives and other employee volunteerism initiatives.

StarSaver™ Programme Ambassadors

The Programme Ambassador is the main face of the programme promoting the ethos and values of inculcating a culture of saving in children and promoting volunteerism. The celebrity status of the Programme Ambassador is utilised to amplify the campaign message.

Our Programme Ambassadors are: ProVerb, Mpumi Mbethe and Sibusiso Vilane.

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