Human Settlements

Transforming human settlements and the national spatial economy receives significant attention as a national priority in the NDP, in order to respond to entrenched spatial patterns that exacerbate social inequality and economic inefficiency. For this reason, the NDP proposes a strategy to address the legacy of apartheid spatial patterns and geography and the creation of more human and environmentally sustainable living and working environments.

It is noteworthy that the South African banking sector is a significant player in the market for commercial, industrial and residential property finance and development at varying scales and degrees of specialisation in relation to high value commercial property and low-income social and gap housing. This includes both individual banks and industry wide compacts entered into between The Banking Association and government.

The NDP's focus on human settlements and the spatial economy therefore emerges as an interesting national priority focus area for greater banking-state collaboration, with potential benefits cutting across multiple NDP priorities, namely infrastructure and the green economy.

Human Settlement Info

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