The Banking Association South Africa (BASA) advances the interests of the industry with its regulators, legislators and stakeholders, to make banking sustainable, profitable and better able contribute to the social and economic development and transformation of the country.

As the national association of domestic and international banks operating in South Africa, BASA:

  • Advocates the views of the banks on legislation, regulation, and social and economic issues that affect the industry. BASA canvasses its members through committees and work groups.
  • Facilitates the sustainable transformation of the banking industry.
  • Promotes inclusive economic growth by working with legislators, regulators, as well as other business associations and stakeholders, to establish a stable, conducive policy and business environment.
  • Helps find sustainable solutions to the challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality by mobilising the skills and resources of the industry.
  • Hosts the Southern African Development Community Banking Association (SADC BA), which works with regulators to strengthen the integrity and efficiency of banking services in the region.

As an industry association which represents those banks licenced to operate in South Africa, BASA is not able to resolve customer complaints involving its members. Individual complaints about banking products and services can be referred to the Ombudsman for Banking Services.